The secret to
authentic Spanish flavor?

It must be something in the water.

Nature is something to be embraced, not fought against. It’s why we take advantage of the natural currents, which bring in a constant supply of fresh water and create an ideal environment to raise high quality fish.

Friend of the Sea

From pure waters comes pure taste.

Bandera Bronzini is a certified Friend of the Sea. So you can count on:

  • No impact on critical habitat (e.g.: mangroves, wetlands, etc)
  • Compliance with waste water parameters
  • Reduction of escapes and by-catches to a negligible level
  • No use of harmful anti-foulants nor growth hormones
  • Compliance with Social Accountability
  • Gradual reduction of carbon footprint

BronziniAuthentic Spanish Sea Bass

Our Bronzini grows in the Mediterranean Coast of Spain Popular in the Mediterranean and middle east cuisine, our size availability offers you the opportunity to serve Bronzini as whole fish or fillets.

Commonly served whole, this perfectly flaky fish has a sweet buttery flavor that’s guaranteed to impress the most fickle of guests.

Product Sizes
Regular 150-180g
Real Sea Bass 900-1000g 1000-1400g
Imperial Sea Bass 1400-1800g
Fillets 90-120g


DoradeAuthentic Spanish Bream

This Spanish crowd-pleaser is best served grilled or braised and delivers a rich, meaty taste to satisfy any palette. Dorade is also know as Orata in Italy, an attractive fish with an oval shape and sliver skin that is famous for its medium texture and delicate taste.

Product Sizes
Regular 500-600g

OmbrinaAuthentic Spanish Meagre

Around the world, Ombrina is also known as Stone Bass or Meagre in US, and Corvina in Spain. This fish is an excellent choice for grilling, poaching and ceviche preparations .

Chefs and restaurants can count on our Ombrina to deliver an outstanding dining experience.

Product Sizes
Imperial 1400-1800g 1800-2600g
Fillets 420-550g 550-800g